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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we introduce to you our SoLo Carb brand of bread products.

The formula was two years in the making-born of a desire to combine two strong forces: the quest for healthy eating options and the longing for a real piece of bread. Our philosophy has been “all things in moderation” and several years ago we were gifted by an incredible insight from a true food scholar which reinforced our feelings. Chris was training for an event and questioned how one was to eat, what calories were needed to remain big, strong and most importantly, healthy. Our good friend and mentor explained it this way. “Chris, I don’t care who your God is, but if you add up all the calories in the world, those in the air, the sea and on land, it would result in approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. Why wouldn’t you live that way?"

Upon reflection of our friend’s observation, it seems today’s reality should be a combining of “moderation” with a 40-30-30 approach to eating. The stumbling block to all this is the makeup of our carbohydrate intake. We need to reduce the simple carbohydrates and increase the complex. SoLo Carb fits right in and can become the backbone of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Living without bread is difficult but now there are choices that will allow for low carb living and yet enjoying the foods we love.

We’ve utilized a combination of ingredients allowing for real bread texture, mouth feel and flavor. And most importantly, the ability to make a guilt-free grilled cheese, peanut butter on toast, or avocado sandwich. Or make custom croutons or bread crumbs…the possibilities are endless. Give it a try, all you have to lose is perhaps a few notches in your belt.

​We invite you to give SoLo Carb bread a try and hope you enjoy the experience of delicious healthy eating.

After all, our common goal is good health for all!