About Us

Healthy Bread Baked by Healthy Bakers

Most store-bought bread comes from giant conglomerate brands, where it’s produced without a focus on healthy, all-natural ingredients and baking methods. So, it’s nice when you find real, handcrafted food made by real people, from real ingredients. SoLo Carb Bread is made from all-natural ingredients and the experience of 100 years of family baking tradition. Whether you're watching your weight, focused on health or an athlete in training, SoLo Carb Bread allows you to enjoy bread once again without the worry of too many carbs.
We know you’ll enjoy it!

– Chris & Barbara, Bakers / Owners

Today, Chris and his wife Barbara continue the Pinahs family baking tradition with SoLo Carb Bread, a delicious and healthy bread. SoLo Carb Bread answers the challenge that frustrates many low carb advocates: to find a healthy, low carb bread with delicious flavor and feel. Low carb eating is a way of life, a new normal for many, but who wants to go without bread or sacrifice flavor and texture for health? SoLo Carb Bread products offer a healthy and delicious bread, capable of standing up to a toaster or as part of a grilled cheese sandwich…

the possibilities are endless!

Give SoLo Carb Bread a try and we know it’ll soon be a regular part of
your low carb health journey!