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I purchased this bread first at the end of September, based on the reviews it sounded like a good bread. Upon receiving the first order, I had to try it out right away, so I pulled a piece out and chomped on it. Then, I pulled out another. Then I made some toast with it. By the time my wife got home half of the first loaf was gone. Had her try it, and before long so was the other half. We have been "bread starved" since going low-carb and SoLo Carb Bread is EXACTLY what we have been looking for. We decimated the first three loaves in short order and ordered another round, which is close to being gone, so we will order another. We should just get on a subscription with StoneBank Baking Company! We have used this bread for toast, sandwiches, French toast, croutons, and more - all the things we thought we would not longer be able to enjoy, but enjoy we do!

Congratulations to StoneBank Baking Company for making this fantastic product available to us low-carb eaters and we pray that you will create more delicious bakery items for us in the future!

I am so delighted to find this bread!!

If you are low carb and sick of gross "bread", I really think you will like this
It's a little pricey but I think worth it
Keep it in the freezer and toast as needed
I'm going to try the wheat next and would totally sign up for monthly delivery as I am keeping my freezer stocked!

I have been sucking up this low carb lifestyle to get healthy but it is painful - I love bread.
After trying to bake my own "keto bread" or whatever eggy/almond flour abomination I tried to find breads I can just buy and save myself a headache in the kitchen and heartache on my tastebuds.
I went the Whole Foods route and tried other low carb/paleo/keto-whatever breads and they are only OK if you toast them to oblivion so they're basically a cardboard cracker to trick your brain into a bread-like delivery system for cheese/peanut butter/avocado etc.

Finally I checked Amazon and went through all the top reviewed breads and decided this SoLo Carb bread seems legit. I got the Country White (although I usually prefer wheat bread) kind of to test the baseline of what they are calling bread.
You guys, it is bread. It smells like bread. It has a light crust like supermarket sandwich bread. It has a soft and light in texture but slightly chewy center like what normal people eat from the grocery store unlike us low-carb weirdos. It toasts with a fine crumb for all your favorite toppings. And *it tastes like bread* - like grains and wheat and wholesomeness. Hallelujah!!

How is this low carb? Is it a trick? Well, it's mostly wheat gluten (the protein in wheat) and oat bran (the fiber husk) so it comes from grains that are used to make wheat bread but just not the carb-y parts of those grains. Brilliant!

The details:
- It arrived 4 days after I ordered. Three loaves were in a sturdy priority mail box and were perfectly soft and intact within.
- I kept 1/2 a loaf out for myself to eat immediately the first few days and froze the rest as the bakers instruct. It's supposed to keep well frozen for 6 months. I plan to toast the bread slices right out of the freezer just like any other bread (not thawing it out first).
- The loaves have 23 slices each; the loaves are long and slightly thinner than your typical sandwich bread (maybe like the width of French bread, but not the skinny baguettes.) The slices do tend to have some holes in them from the process of baking these type of ingredients. This doesn't bother me as I'm so happy with 60cal and 3 net carbs per slice that some holey bread isn't the dealbreaker for me, but I can understand that the size and holeyness can bother some people for what they're paying.
- It is expensive for bread and for shipping. Again, I am OK with this because I don't have to try terrible recipes for terrible results and instead can have bread that actually tastes like bread but still stay low carb. So for me, the convenience, taste and nutrition is totally worth it, but again I get if that isn't the case for everyone.
- The three grams net carbs are from: 6g total carbs *minus* 2g fiber and 1g sugar alcohol
- The got Country White bread but I thought maybe I had ordered wheat because it's still pretty wheat-y, which I like, but you may not if you are expecting more of a Wonderbread/potato bread/or sourdough bread kind of white.

Like others, I have tried most lo carb breads, but this is the best in all ways.
I feel like a prisoner all the time being a Diabetic, watching this, watching that, but no more with this bread. This also has LESS FAT, THE FIBER amount FOR ME IS PERFECT, SOFTNESS, DELICIOUS, AND IS DELIVERED B4 DELIVERY DATE
I love the way it is packaged in the carton when delivered, not squashed, and oh, I can have 2 sandwiches now, I am always hungry, lol.
Just wish it was a bit less expensive.
Try it guys, it is the best bread and deal on the market!!!!!


I love this bread, my normal diet is a soylent and a sunbutter sandwich per meal. The first day I got this, I had four slices and at supper my sugar crashed... So it does not raise your sugar level from what I can tell, unlike normal bread. So now I need to lower my insulin intake to compensate. The taste and texture is also awesome... As soon as you get it throw it in the freezer to keep the other loaves fresh. This is made by a smaller company, they care about their product and what goes into it, and customer service is top notch. Give it a try you will love it! I spoke with them over the phone and they now have a low carb white bread!


I am so happy to finally find a LC bread that actually tastes like bread and doesn’t impact my blood sugar. I’m very skeptical of many “low-carb” products, as they usually fail my “blood sugar” test. This stuff is the real deal.

For reference, I have type 1 diabetes; my body makes no insulin. I use an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to stay alive. The photo you see is my insulin pump and CGM, and it was taken three hours after eating this bread. Normally, at 3hr postprandial (after eating), my blood sugar has peaked. As you can see from the photo, it didn’t move at all. I did not bolus (inject) insulin for this bread. What that means is this bread has zero glycemic load. None.

Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s worth every penny to enjoy things like grilled cheese sandwiches and toast.

So, if you’re on keto or similar, get this stuff. It tastes so good, you feel like you’re cheating. But the blood sugar graph doesn’t lie!